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Eye Hospital Hyderabad

             Dr.Ravi Prasad Challa M.S (Oph.)

 Dr.Ravi Prasad Challa  is a leading Eye Specialist in Hyderabad and one of the pioneer in Cataract Surgery. He was one of the first Eye Specialist to do Sub 1mm Phaco Surgery for Cataract, Also Co-axial Micro Incision Cataract Surgery (COMICS) and implant first Bausch & Lomb MICS Lens. He has taught many upcoming ophthalmologists from different Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad,  the nuances of Modern Cataract Surgery.

He has produced many Videos  for training Cataract Surgeons from different Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad  in modern techniques of Cataract Surgery.  His another interest is LASIK (LASIK Laser Eye Surgery is a refractive Surgery done to get rid of Spectacles).

Modern Eye Hospital In Hyderabad

We have a sophisticated Out Patient Setup to do regular ophthalmic check-ups and dispense glasses through a state of the art optical outlet. We have set up a modern contact lens clinic capable of dispensing all types of contact lenses for all regular cases and some complicated cases like advanced keratoconus. Our setup is at par with any of the best eye hospitals in Hyderabad. Our Cataract Surgery Center is most modern with cutting edge technology   manned by well trained Eye Specialists. Ours is Eye Hospital in Hyderabad where entire operation theater is visible through a sealed glass for visitors to see. Being one of the best Eye Hospital in Hyderabad, we relay live surgeries directly from operating microscope to a TV outside for visitors to see.

Thanks to this level of transparency we have become one of the reputed Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad, we implant intraocular lenses promised to patients at the time of fixing up of surgery. We also hand over lens box & ID Card to the patient at the end of the surgery. After all no other artificial part used in human body has such variation in quality as intraocular lenses.

We do LASIK (Refractive surgery) in our Eye Hospital Hyderabad to get rid of glasses permanently by using Schwind Amaris Machine (known as the Bugatti Veyron of Laser Machines) from Germany known for it’s safety,capable of doing advanced Aspheric corrections, Customized Corrections and Presbyopic Corrections (getting rid of reading glasses).We have world’s original Femto Second Laser Machine (Intralase Bladeless LASIK). We also have capability to do No touch Smart Laser (entire procedure is done without even touching the patient). We also do screening and treatment  for Glaucoma and other common retinal conditions like Diabetic Retinopathy in our Eye Care center

Cataract Surgery @ Challa Eye Hospital Hyderabad

Cataract in the eye is opacity of natural lens and it has to be operated on wherein it is removed and replaced with a crystal clear artificial lens called intraocular lens. We are one of the best Eye hospital in Hyderabad for customized Cataract Surgery . We do Cataract Surgery by latest technologies like Micro Incisional  Phacoemulsification (A technique where in entire cataract is removed through a tiny Incision (can be as small as 1mm). We prefer to use US FDA approved lenses for implantation into the eye following Cataract Surgery. Cataract Surgery today is one of the most commonly performed safest surgeries in human body.

Challa Eye Care Center is one of  the best Eye Hospital in Hyderabad offering comprehensive and affordable eye care treatment.

Eye Hospital Hyderabad | Challa Eye Care
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