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LASIK surgery (Refractive surgery)

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Blade less LASIK surgery (Refractive surgery)

Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery is a procedure to correct refractive errors (focusing errors) like Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia.

Indications for Lasik Surgery

Myopia (Short Sight) wherein patient cannot see far and has to wear minus powered glasses to refocus light and see clearly, Hyperopia (Long Sight) wherein patient cannot see near and also to some extent far without straining eyes and has to wear plus powered glasses to see clearly. Astigmatism wherein patient cannot see anything clearly without straining eyes and has to wear cylindrical powered glasses to see clearly. Presbyopia (loss of zooming power with age) wherein patient loses the ability to read without the aid of glasses.

Lasik Eye Surgery Treatment at Challa Eye Hospital in Hyderabad

Lasik Surgery is a corneal (black of the eye) based procedure wherein the front surface of the cornea acquires new curvature following Lasik Surgery procedure compensating for the preexisting focusing error (myopia, hyperopia, etc).

In lasik a thin corneal flap is raised to remodel cornea underneath with excimer laser so that once the flap is put back it acquires new curvature. As healing has to happen only at the edge of the flap it is fast and recovery takes just a day.

“Bladeless Lasik” or otherwise called “Intralase Lasik” or “all laser lasik” is a procedure where another laser called femtosecond laser is used to make the corneal flap instead of a mechanical microkeratome. This is far more precise compared to Lasik Surgery with blade (Microkeratome).

Trans-PRK is a procedure advised for people with relatively thinner corneas wherein no flap is raised but excimer laser ablation and curvature modification is directly done on the surface of the cornea. As a large raw area is created it takes up to a week to heal.

Challa Eye Care Centre – One of the Best Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad for refractive (LASER) surgeries.

Dr.Ravi Prasad Challa is proficient in all modalities of refractive surgeries, which he has been doing for the past 23 years.

What is LASIK ?

What is Intralase (Bladeless) LASIK ?

Is Intralase Superior to Microkeratome LASIK ?

Not exactly as current generation microkeratomes are as good as Intralase.

What is Presbyopia ?

Traditional LASIK (with blade) vs Intralase LASIK (Bladeless )

Regular PRK vs Trans PRK

Regular PRK

Trans PRK

What is PresbyLASIK ?

This is LASER Treatment to get rid of reading glasses in 40+ age group.