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Cataract Surgery

What is a Cataract Surgery?

Cataract is the natural aging of lens in the eye (there is a lens inside the eye like in a camera). This aging leads to opacity which obstructs proper light entry into the eye leading to defective vision. As this process happens slowly over a period of months to years patients notice it themselves only when this cataract is significantly advanced.

Cataract Surgery in Challa Eye Care Centre

Cataract has to be operated on wherein it is removed and replaced with a crystal clear artificial lens called intraocular lens. We are one of the Best Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad for customized Cataract Surgery . We do Cataract Surgery by latest technologies like Micro Incisional Phacoemulsification (A technique where in entire cataract is removed through a tiny Incision (can be as small as 1mm). We prefer to use US FDA approved lenses for implantation into the eye following CataractSurgery. Cataract Surgery today is one of the most commonly performed safest surgeries in human body.

Surgical Techniques:

Cataract Surgery today has become a refractive surgery also. That is following removal of cataract patient can choose to get rid of glasses to various degree by choosing appropriate intraocular lens (Eg:Toric/Multifocal/Multifocal Toric) to be implanted at the time of Cataract Surgery.

Planning for Surgery

What exactly is customized cataract surgery ?. Current day trend is not merely make patient see better after cataract surgery but to make him/her see well even without glasses. Patient’s lifestyle and occupational needs are thoroughly taken into account before choosing an intraocular lens to be implanted at the time of cataract surgery, optimizing postoperative vision of patient.

What is Cataract ?

How is Cataract Treated ?