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Laser Procedures

Laser Procedures at Challa Eye Care Centre

Laser is nothing but a strong beam of light of a single wave length. Our retina specialists use various types of lasers to perform a wide variety of laser procedures for retinal diseases. Below are the some of the laser procedures performed at Challa Eye Care Centre

Eye Problems Treated with Laser Procedures at Challa eye care Centre

Laser is an intense beam of light used to treat retinal conditions such as:

  1. Retinal breaks
  2. Retinal vascular disorders
  3. Diabetic macular edema and
  4. Proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Our Retina specialists mainly treat diabetic eye disease, retinal vascular diseases & retinal breaks using laser procedure.

Retinal breaks can lead to retinal detachment & vision loss. If retinal breaks are detected early they can be repaired with a barrage laser which attaches retina to the back side of the eye again.

Additionally, our laser procedures help in curing diabetic retinopathy, by decreasing the leakage of fluid and blood from abnormal blood vessels & burning out abnormal new blood vessels

Our retina specialists at Challa Eye Care Centre are deft in using retinal lasers safely and efficiently for treating various retinal disorders.